Statement of solidarity and support with the people of Haiti

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Dear Friends and Supporters of CACCI

The people of Haiti are once more hit by the forces of nature, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on August 14 and Hurricane Grace on Monday, August 16, 2021, has left the country’s southern peninsula devastated. Loss of lives and severe physical damages are reported in these 3 Departments or states Southern Department, Grande Anse Department, and Nippes Department. On Wednesday, August 18, the provisional death toll released by Haiti’s Office of Civil Protection has climbed to nearly 1,941, more than 9,915 have been injured and nearly three-quarters of them sustained broken limbs. Nearly 100,000 homes have been destroyed leaving many homeless. Water and food provision and first aid have become critical, as well as much-needed medications to deal with the ensuing health emergency.

We are grateful to the US government for dispatching supplies, search and rescue teams, along with the Coast Guards, and Rapid Response Military Units from Southern Command to address this emergency. The United States Agency for International Development thru its Director Ambassador Samantha Powers is overseeing the US efforts. Latin American countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, and the neighboring Dominican Republic have sent food, medicines, and supplies. Cuba has a team of doctors in Haiti as first responders. Countries in Europe have indicated they will also join in the rescue mission, so have Israel, Japan, and Taiwan. We expect more countries to sign on. As this crisis is unfolding we ask you to keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers and know that the faith and resiliency of the Haitian people will help them get through these challenging times.

We thank you.

CACCI’s Board of Directors
Mr. Harry Fouche, Acting Chairman, Mr. Edmund Sadio Chair Emeritus
Mr. George Hulse Vice-Chair, Dr. Eda Hastick Secretary,
Mr. Balfour Peart Treasurer, Ms. Anne Marie Stanislaus Assistant Secretary,
Bishop Cecil Riley Member

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